Happy New Year.

Congratulations to Daniel Janong, the winner of the COZOY Aegis.

A big thank you to COZOY for their generosity in providing the COZOY
Aegis for the giveaway.

We at Head Pie had a fun time promoting the competition.

We look forward to the next giveaway!

Kind regards
Its the season to be jolly...and lazy.

Please bear with us as we take this downtime until the passing of the new year.

We will post the winner of the COZOY Aegis giveaway here and on Facebook once we have confirmed they 'liked' the COZOY Facebook page.

Have a Happy New Year!

-Head Pie.

Cyberdrive Forte Classic-Bass and Impact Dura-Soprano unboxing.

Cyberdrive Forte Classic-Bass.

Cyberdrive Impact Dura-Soprano.

Five days to go.

Who`s the lucky one? 

*The winner will be randomly chosen from the Head Pie Facebook group. 
*You must be a member on the Head Pie Facebook group to qualify to enter.

*Click the link for full details.

Mini meet before Christmas 
with Robby Winindo.Najmi Ismail.Pitsel , 
at Chill In Cafe STC Senayan.

Our Gears :
Dap :
2 sets AK 380 + Amp
2 sets AK 240 ss
AK 100 pure transport DIY
Ak 100 mk1
Onkyo DPX1
Iphone 5s
Note 4
Note 5

Amp :
AClear Porta
3 sets Chord MoJo
LZ10 HAV 5

Iem :
Fit Ear TG 334
Fit Ear MH 334
2 sets Ocharaku Donguri TI
ASG Harmony

Many Ear Buds like
ZEN V1 and V2

Star of the day :
Onkyo DP X1 + MoJo = excellent Combo