After burn in about 8 hours since last night.

Now My Onkyo DAP DP 1X and my Ocharaku Donguri sound very good.
My impression after 8 hours is that my Onkyo DP 1X the sound now opens up.
Highs :
Is brighter and clearer too .
Now high has better presentation.
Cymbals sound very clear and clean.
Mids :
Has better pronunce and clear.
Out the box when I first heard the mids they were not so clear as like today.
Bass :
Has better detail and very clean sounding Bass.
Yesterday Bass sounded not so clean like today.
Separation :
Now it is very good .
Yesterday it was not so good.
Soundstage :
Now it is wider and has very good depth.
Yesterday was so narrow .
Black background:
After 6 hours nonstop burn in. It now has a blacker Background.
Overall :
Out the box was really not my cup of tea.
The sound quality was not so clear and congested .
This morning really surprised me.
Overall sounding very clear and clean like My HDP R 10 with Sabre DAC Chip.
I was so frustrated .
Why double DAC chip sound so congested and not so clear.
I am very happy now with Onkyo Dap DP1X.


I would like to share the Onkyo Dap DP X1 out of the box first Impressions.

Dap / Source :
Onkyo DP 1 X
Iem :
Noble K 10 U with Wagnus Luna balance trrs
Fit Ear 334 To Go
Fit Ear 000 Cable
Ocharaku Donguri TI
Out The Box Impression :
Single Ended Cable HO :
High :
Is very good but not bright
Mid :
Very smooth mid
Bass :
Very good Bass Impact but less bass Clarity.
Balance Trrs 2,5 mm HO
High :
Is better extended high than SE HO.
But ak 240 or ak 240 ss has better clarity
Mid :
Has better pronounce than SE HO
Bass :
Better Bass detail and Bass impact than SE HO
Separation :
Trrs HO gas better separation than SE HO
Soundstage :
In Balane HO is wider than Single Ended HO
Overall :
Onkyo DP 1 X is warm sounding DAP
The clarity is not as good ak 240 and ak 240 ss.
I hope after burn in can open up the clarity.
For DAP below 1K USD sound quality is very good
I should compare one day with Fiio X7 in the same Price range.



Via Facebook.

Thanks Damon -- may I ask some questions first:

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He replied that he only reviewed what he actually liked. Fair enough.

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Midnight set up with Wagnus and Fit Ear 334 To Go.

Source :
Ak 100 II
Pre Amp :
Wagnus Valvola tube
Amp :
Wagnus Epsilon S
Iem :
Fit Ear 334 To Go
Cable :
Wagnus full set Cable :
2 sets IC ice Swords
1 set prototype Wagnus Iem Cable Lila and black.

Sound Quality.
Wagnus Epsilon S is one of the best amps in my collection.
Plus the tube Pre Amp Valvola , makes the Sound more analog and sweeter.
This new Prototype Wagnus Lila / Black sound character is warm and the highs are not so bright.
The Mids and the Bass are very good.
I just received it two days ago.
I hope burn in can open up the Highs.

My AK 380 full set up.
Source :
AK 380.
Amp :
AK 380 Amp.
AK 380 Cradle / Doc.
CD Ripper.


Last night I  ripped more than 10 old CDs collection to my Ak 380 using the Ak 380 CD Ripper.
I did not expect that The Sound Quality is excellent

High :
Very good in detail and Clarity
Mid :
Very clear and clean Mid
Very good pronounce too.
Bass :
Very good in detail and clarity and impact.
Separation :
Very good separation.
Soundstage :
Very wide and has very good depth too.
Overall Sound Quality
If your CD Quality already very good.
The Ripping Sound Quality is very good too.
What i like no coloration.
It is one to one copy.

Compare to PC ripping
The Sq is more natural and has No Coloration.
Better Black Background
With the PC you can adjust the Sound Quality for better Result .
With AK 380 CD Ripper you can not do any improvement on your CD ripping sound Quality.
Sofar i like the CD Ripper Sound Quality.

Last night i have tested my Ak 380 Cradle Balance Out to Mass Ko Bo 394 Fully Balanced Amp.

Source :
Ak 380.
Accessories :
Ak 380 Cradle.
Amp :
Mass KoBo 394.
AKG K 7XX Massdrop edition.
Cable :
Home DIY Balance XLR 3 PIn.
Sound Quality :
So far my Best Dap as Source for Mass KoBo 394.
This Sound Quality is near the SQ my CD Player April Music CDA 500.
I guess this Cradle uses USB as Power. Thats why the Sq so full .
It is useful and recommended for AK 380 Users.
Note :
Sorry for the messy Pictures , because the Balance Cables XLR 3 Pin are very Stiff.


I want to share my AK goods unboxing.

Today i just received in the post my AK box from Hong Kong .

Inside the Box are :
AK Dock
AK CD RIpper
These 2 sets AK Accessories look so beautiful.

I would like to say thank you to my best friend for his help to buy these AK Accessories.

Impressions will be posted later,


Sorry that the blog has been a bit slow this week.
Not so many posts as we enter into the silly season and end of year madness.

Ultrasound ED 8 Ruthenium set up

Source :
AK 100 II
Dac / Amp :
Chord MoJo
Amp :
KoJo KM 01 Brass LE
Headphone :
Ultrasound ED 8 Ruthenium Recable by whiplash Twag / Twcu v 2 balance RSA
Cable :
Sys Concept 1300 strand 5,0 mm
Uber Cable mini to Mini
DHC short adapter RSA to Trrs
DITA VDH balance trrs to mini
Sound quality :
To my taste ED Ruthenium Bass too big and boomy.
The rest is very good SQ

- Rudi0504

Commute pie. 
How do you store your gear when traveling daily or for a more lengthy time period?

I bought the small green bag today as I was walking past a sale. Perfect size for my ipod touch 6G 128GB, Cozoy Aegis and ATH-CK10.

The red back is a small camera bag.

Often posts and threads pop up on Facebook and various audio based forums asking about where to go when looking for audio gear in Tokyo.

I will list a few of the more popular ones.

Over time I will will add more details and maps etc.

Already on the head pie blog there are two posts, one for Fujiya Avic and one for Bic camera.

Lets start with the large department stores.

These are Bic camera and Yodobashi camera. Not a lot separates these two places.
As you will see on my post on Bic camera in Shinjuku (West side) the headphones, dac/amps etc are all laid out on display with samples you can try easily by yourself without the need for staff.
Just bring your own dap/source to sample the headphones, headphones and source to try the dac/amps.

Not every Yodobashi or Bic camera has a large audio section.


Fujiya Avic in Nakano. (3F Nakano sun mall).

This is situated in what could be termed a mall, although not in the general sense of the word. It is quite old and the mall is populated but niche shops of all kinds, toys, anime, antiques etc. Its the kind of place people are looking for when they visit over developed and sanitized Akihabara these days.
They have a small shop, but a wide range of portable in ears, IEMs, multi driver IEMs, over the ears headphones, cables, daps of all kinds, dac/amps. They have most of the popular portable audiophile brands.
They also sell new and used, the used products in Japan are often as new.
Most gear except for earphones are locked away and you will have to ask the staff to try out the various gear. Older staff.

*Photos and maps can be found via google of course ;)

DAR`s useful post


e-earphone. This is in Akihabara and can be hard for some people to find. They now have a shop downstairs for getting your ear molds for custom in ears so its a bit more visible. I do recommend doing some research about where it is to avoid frustration. (I plan to add a map in the future).
Lots of headphones and dac/amps, amps laid out to try by yourself. Some items such as Daps and sources are in glass cases and you will have to ask staff to assist you.
Its not a big shop but like Fujiya Avic it has most of what you may want n a small space. Young staff.

*Photos and maps can be found via google of course.

Great post by DAR


Head pie pro tip#33

Check e-earphones and Fujiya avics website in Chrome browser for English to check If they have stock of what you are after before going.