AK240SS and Fitear MH335

The Solar is the top of the Line balanced armature from Rhapsodio, a small company based out of Hong Kong. 
This flagship, boasting 10 drivers(2 tweeters, 2 high, 4 mid, 2 bass, 5-way passive crossover design), is starting to enjoy a great reputation among audiophiles as its U-shaped, spacious and fast signature competes with the best.

Its a warm very analog sound, with sweet full bodied mids and highs. 

Good bass extension n slam. Very deep immersive soundstage.

This is using the balanced amp card, BTW.

Bass whilst strong, is very well controlled too. It never once sounded wooly and boomy.

What amp is like the Hifiman 901S sound ? RSA SR71a.

-Theodorus Chandra.

Source : Cayin N5.
Interconnect : Crystal Cable Reference. Amp : Fostex HP-V1. IEM : Shure SE215 Special Edition. Cable : Custom hybrid silver-copper, oyaide rhodium plug.

DBE pr 30 rev iii : 
Made in indonesia.
The look is very similar to Fidue A 65, they sound balanced, good punchy bass but not dark, and good treble extension but not bright.
I got them for only about 30$ and for my ears.. they are definitely worth double the price tag, the separation is really good for the price, the soundstage is not really wide but it has a good sense of depth so the imaging is surprisingly quite nice.

The fit is also good, you can wear them straight down or over the ear but because of the large housing some people may find difficulties in fitting them for the first time, small tips are recommended.

Shure SE 215 : 
A dark bassy IEM with a noticable treble rolloff, bass is the first thing you realize when you hear them.
A great authoritive bass that digs deep, the mid is warm, sometimes too warm for female vocals, making them sound veiled. 
The treble rolloff is not really enjoyable for hearing instruments but it's definitely non fatiguing.. they isolate really well and the fit is so damn good, tips rolling, eq, and If they change the cable it could release their potential.. it's on the opposite polar from Fiio.

-Michael Natanael Soedarsono.

Fiio ex 1: 
It is my current favorite IEM.. it has great details for it's price.. the treble is extended with smooth end.. such a pleasure to hear violins from them, and the bass is really great.. it has an airy rumble but quite fast decay, and i really love the bass texture which is powerful yet smooth.. the noticable downside of it is the isolation.. they don't really isolate well because of the air vent.. so use a warm setup and hear them in quiet place to get the best of them.
qls qa360 dap with Yuin pk1 earbuds.

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