Cyberdrive Forte Classic-Bass and Impact Dura-Soprano unboxing.

Cyberdrive Forte Classic-Bass.

Cyberdrive Impact Dura-Soprano.

Five days to go.

Who`s the lucky one? 

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Mini meet before Christmas 
with Robby Winindo.Najmi Ismail.Pitsel , 
at Chill In Cafe STC Senayan.

Our Gears :
Dap :
2 sets AK 380 + Amp
2 sets AK 240 ss
AK 100 pure transport DIY
Ak 100 mk1
Onkyo DPX1
Iphone 5s
Note 4
Note 5

Amp :
AClear Porta
3 sets Chord MoJo
LZ10 HAV 5

Iem :
Fit Ear TG 334
Fit Ear MH 334
2 sets Ocharaku Donguri TI
ASG Harmony

Many Ear Buds like
ZEN V1 and V2

Star of the day :
Onkyo DP X1 + MoJo = excellent Combo

Thanks Theodorus Chandra!

I bought a Balanced XLR 4 Pin Cable for my Oppo PM1.

I would like to run my Oppo PM 1 in Full Balanced Portable Set Up .

Source :
Onkyo DP X1
AK 240 SS

Amp :
Mass Kobo 404 Full Balance Portable Amp

Headphone :
Oppo PM 1 with Oppo Balance Cable

Cable :
Trrs to trrs Crystal Cable Piccolo 3 Strands DIY with Venture Craft

Power Bank :
Xiaomi 16.000 mAh

Sound Quality :
With fully balanced set up
Oppo PM 1 shine in better way

Highs :
Has better detail and rendering and high extension
Mids :
Has better Pronounce and clearer mid
Bass :
Has better detail and better impact too .
Separation :
With balanced set up make my Oppo PM 1 better separation.
Soundstage :
More 3D soundstage
In this set up
As Source Ak 240 ss has better sq than my Onkyo DP X1