Tonight I have more time to try the Audio Quest Jitter Bug on my portable set up.

The Result is very good.

Individual instruments have more focus and weight than without AQ Jitter Bug.
Note :
Warning for AQ Jitter Bug User .to prevent short circuit like any USB Stuff to your computer .please TURN OFF your Device before you UNPLUG your Jitter Bug.
So far i like the sound quality improvement in my set up above.
I have use with my IMac too.
I used 3 jitter Bugs and its work excellent.
From ITunes songs become better black background and better focus and more weight from individual instrument.
Just plug AQ jitter bug in your Computer USB input.
Can Chord MoJo drive twoHeadphones with very good Sound Quality ?

Yes Chord Mojo can drive these two Headphones with very good Sound Quality and has enough Power too
Source :
AK 240 SS
Dac / Amp :
Chord MoJo
Headphones :
Oppo PM 1
With XLR 4 PIn stock cable + Adapter Female XLR 4 Pin to Mini 3,5 mm DIY
Sennheiser HD 800
With SAA Endorphin XLR 4 Pin + Adapter Fenale XLR 4 PIn to 6,3 mm + Furutech short adapter 6,3 mm to Mini 3,5 mm
Cable :
Sys Concept Optical Cable
Simple is the Best for portable

Source :
AK 240 ss
Ear Bud :
Sennheiser MX 985
Sound Quality :
Ak 240 Stainless Steel and Sennheiser MX 985 sleek Metal Sculpted Earphones
Are excellent for portable set up
Beautiful work of Art for Audio Set Up and Excellent Sound Quality
Minimalist is the Best
Thank you Echobox and Santa Damon Blair for this wonderful Christmas Present to me.

I would like to share the unboxing of the Echobox The Finder X1 Titanium Earphone.

The build quality is super.
The box itself looks so beautiful.
Thats why i opened it slowly so that I did not damage the Box .

Inside the Box:
The Finder X1 Titanium Earphone
2 double flange eartips
3 S M L silicon eartips
2 sets Filter Black and Red
1 set White Filter installed
1 beautiful Pouch

Filter :
White : warm
Black : most balance Sq
Red : the Brightest one from three

Out the box I paired with the Sony PCM D 100 and Shozy Magic Amp. The sound is open and bright sounding IEM with fast bass response and very clear mids.
This IEM fits like my music preference - bright and detailed.
Its important that its not harsh and peaky.
I hate Dull sounding IEMs .
That Dull IEM can make me wait and wait , when will the high and detail will be coming.
I will share some impressions again after burn in.

My King of Ear Bud just arrived from South Korea.

Thank you Om Pitsel for your help.
I would like to share out the Box my King of Ear Bud :

Sennheiser MX 985
Build Quality :
Top Notch
The best i have ever seen in Ear Buds
Sound Quality :
Is also the best sounding Ear Bud i ever tried until now.

Oppo PM 1 + Chord MoJo + any DAPs like AK or Onkyo as best synergy portable set up

Source :
Onkyo DP X1
Dac Amp :
Chord MoJo
Headphone :
Oppo PM1 with stock Balance XLR 4 Pin
Cable :
4 Pin XLR female to mini 3.5 mm DIY
Baseus OTH short Adapter
USB to Micro USB
Music file :
DSD jazz Lars Erstrand

Hi Res Audio Portable Player as new comer from Korea .

Look like many company will try to challenge the popular AK DAPs.
This year 2015 have so many DAPs on the market like
Questyle QP 1 R
Aesther Gold
Cayin C5
IBasso DX 200
HM 901 s
LS 5 Pro
XDuo X3
Fiio X7
Onkyo DPX1
And many more
Found a article for this dac info.
Better late than nothing

I just jumped to the Oppo PM 1 Planar Headphone.
I would like to share out the Box Oppo PM 1
Source :
Sony PCM D100
Amp :
Mass KoBo 404
Headphone :
Oppo PM1
Cable :
IC : Crystal Cable Reference Diamond 3 braids
Oppo Balance XLR 4 Pin
Oppo Single Ended 6,3 mm
Sound Quality :
With aynergy transportable Amp like :
Mass KoBo 404 and
Bakoon HDA 5520
Can open up the detail and clarity from Oppo PM 1
High :
Very smooth and rich in detail and very good presentation.
Mid :
The strong point from Oppo PM 1 is a sweet and smooth Midrange.
Bass :
Very good bass impact and speed .
Compare to my LCD X .LCD X is brighter and has better detail.
Oppo PM 1 has better midrange
For long listening time is very good .never get fatique.
Oppo PM 1 must have synergy Dap + DAc + Amp to make best sound .
Must use open and bright amp and fast speed Amp.
Like my set up above sound quality is excellent

Ear Buds Fever

I have compared two Ear Buds
Shozy 1st Gen $ 12 USD
Ainol $ 2,2 USD
Source :
Onkyo DP X1
Dac / Amp :
Chord MoJo
Earbuds :
Shoshy 1st Gen
Cable :
Adapter USB Female to micro USB OTG Baseus
USB male to Micro USB
No Brand
Sound Quality :
Shozy 1st Gen and Ainol sound character are about the same .
Open and detailed high
Sweet and Clear Mid
Bass impact and detail very good
Shozy 1st Gen
Has wider and fuller sound
Shozy has better separation
For $2,2 USD has about 70 % from Shozy 1st Gen.
It is really an underdog Ear Bud
Like i said Quality Control from Ainol is not that great.
I bought 4 pcs , 1 pcs was defective on the right Driver like distortion.
Shozy 1st Gen sound more analog and stronger in Mid region.
Sunday Lazy set up in Bed

Source :
AK 100 Mk1 Gold Japan Edition
Amp :
Mass KoBo 404 full balance amp
Headphone :
Oppo PM 1 with Balance XLR 4 Pin
Cable :
IC Crystal Clear Diamond Reference 3 strands

AK 380 Ripping Meet and Earbuds Meet at Pak Pita Apartment

Source :
2 sets AK 240 ss
1 set AK 380
1 set Onkyo DPX1
Amp :
Mass Ko Bo 404
EarBud :
2 sets VE ZEN Gen 1 320 Ohm
SEAHF 300 Ohm
SEAHF 32 Ohm
Headphone :
2 sets Oppo PM1
Star of the day
Ear bud Ainol cost $ 2.2 USD
Pair with MoJo and Onkyo very good
Sound like $ 100 USD Earbud