At my working Desk set up
Echo Box Finder X1 Titanium pair very good with my old Dap IBasso Hibino HDP R10 Japan Edition.

I would like to share out of the Box Astell and Kern AK380 Copper Edition.

Source :
AK 380 Copper
Fit Ear MH 334 custom
Out the Box Sound Quality compared with standard AK 380 :
High :
On Par with AK 380 with better rendering and more natural sounding highs and smoother.
Mid :
Is cleaner and has better pronounce and sweeter and more natural Voicing
Bass :
Very clean and deep and more accurate sounding Bass.
The Bass Quality is the Best from all AK DAPs i ever heard
Separation :
Is better that the individual music instrument placement is more accurate.
Soundstage :
More 3D like in a Big Concert Hall.
Background :
The best Black Background I have ever heard on a Portable DAP.
So far I am surprised what AK 380 Copper can produce, their Best Sound Quality into a DAP.


Aune M2S

Review by Mimouille.

(Mimouille posted his review on and also shared it with us to use).

Pros: Incredible sound, great build, nice design, simple yet functional UI
Cons: Bugs in the UI, battery life, limited functions (no playlists, no USB DAC)


I was intrigued by this DAP because I really like the sound of the AKM4490 DAC that I had heard on the AK380 and Cayin N5 player. I was somehow convinced it could compete with much more expensive DAPs and besides, I really like the all brushed metal design.

So I contacted Aune and asked if I could obtain an M2S demo version free of charge as I am in China. It didn't work out but I got a fair discount on the MRSP in exchange for writing a review. The contact was very nice and reactive, so I can say the service was quite good.

The M2S is the higher end model and costs 650$, and it comes only in blue. It is not available in China normally, only for export.

The differences can be found here:


I am using 1.1 fw, which is the only stable one in my experience so far. I find the 3 button + volume scroll manipulation very easy and intuitive. I navigate through my files easily and quite fast as you can use the volume wheel to scroll faster, or just skip entire pages. I recommend that you split you files into several subcategories if you have a 128g or 200g micro sd, because the player with FW 1.1 has two limitations:
  • It will not read a list of files or folders over 150 or 200, I am not sure. So if you have over 200 albums in the same folders, the albums in excess of 200 will not appear. Same for files
  • It will not read special characters. I just eliminated characters with accents from folder and file names. I had very few but it could be a problem for others

Other than that, my two main issues are the following:
  • It doesn't have a USB DAC function (so far)
  • There is no playlist management (I mean playlists created outside and imported, in M3u format for instance). It would be ok if like on the Lotoo Paw Gold you could add whole albums or folders to the favorites playlist, but it is only track by track
  • The battery life is quite short, I would say 6 hours at most


I tested this player for about three weeks with redbook and highres flac. My other sources are AK240SS, Lotoo Paw Gold and Mojo. I tested with all my iems (SE Ultimate, Rhapsodio Solar and Galaxy, Shure SE846)

I will start with the (only) negative: the player is not totally hiss free. The most sensitive iems (Zeus, 846) will have some hiss, less than with the Lotoo Paw Gold, but more than with the Mojo. I should mention that I am VERY sensitive to hiss, so I guess this level of hiss would not be noticed by most. The player is totally quiet with my SE5 Ultimate and Rhapsodio Galaxy.

Other than that, this player sounds very good. The same type of AKM4490 I heard in the AK380 from memory. It is a spacious sound, more width than depth, detailed and precise, yet very liquid. Liquid is the key word here. A sort of effortless musicality that does not sacrifice to detail: bass has authority, even though the player does not exhibit the raw power of the Lotoo Paw Gold, and the rest is smooth and transparent. The M2S is neither warm nor bright but neither aggressive nor fatiguing, but once again without scarifying an ounce of detail. Once again, it could have more depth if you compare to the Lotoo PG, but the Paw is really a champion in that area (and three times more expensive).

Note: I have not tried the M2 or M2 Pro so please do not ask me to compare.


If you do not need a very long battery life and value SQ over functionalities, this player is one of the best sounding I have heard, regardless of price. I think I prefer it over the AK240SS.

Custom Cable PH

Thanks for agreeing to take the time to do this interview Mr.Ren CCPH.
You do make some beautiful cables.

First of all tell us a little about yourself and the company.
- I came from a family of music lovers. Most of them play instruments. Unfortunately, I wasn't gifted like my siblings. What I have is a creative mind and the uncanny desire to make things perfect. 
- I started out in portable audio with a plain simple sennheiser and AKG iem with a Sony discman, walkman and eventually iPOD as my music players. 
- My cable making actually started way back when I was doing car and home audio. My passion for cable making was influenced by a fellow car and home audio enthusiast. It just occurred one day when I was buying car amplifiers where I saw Nakamichi and Furutech RCA plugs in a shelf (10 years ago). At that point, I thought of making my own car audio interconnect and save money. I also made my own speaker cables for my home rig. 
In 2010, a friend commissioned me to make IC's for his home rig (This is where it all started) - I was making IC's using readily available cables then and eventually from raw materials creating my own compositions. I played with a lot of Rockford, Stinger, Furutech, Cardas, Esoteric, Homegrown, Ecosse & etc. It was hard at the beginning but at the same time fulfilling as it taught me the skill and understanding of how things work in cable making. CCPH is a product of evolution and passion of this hobby.

The crystal coaxial

Please tell us about your current product line up: 
Type 1 SC - This is a single crystal hybrid

A type 1sc mini-rca cable

Type 1sc HD600 cable

A type 1sc hd800 cable

A type 1sc mini-mini IC

Type 4 - This is a pure silver and copper hybrid.

A type4 LOD

A type 4 mini-xlr for Audeze

Type 6 - is another product line that is purely copper. From Kimber, OCC to Litz.

A type 6 mini-rca IC

You have several products up and coming. Could you tell us 
a little about them.
- Supreme Ref. 1 - This is a more recent discovery together with my #1 critique and friend Bryan Co. This is a single crystal hybrid with a third element in its composition.

Can you share any specs with us?
Top Secret.
Bryan will come-up with a review with one.

The sense1 RC ultra soft iem cable

Tell us a little about any future plans for your company.

Continue to evolve for the love of music.
Anything else you`d like to add?

Thanks for the opportunity.

Speaker wire.

A Ref1 rca IC

A modified AK crystal cable
Shure KSE 1500 is the First Electrostatic in ear earphone in the world .

The Shure KSE 1500 Price is also fantastic at $3,5 K USD.
Source :
Iphone 5s
Dac Amp :
Shure KSE 1500 Amp
Iem :
Shure KSE 1500 Electrostatic earphone
Sound Quality :
Very open and detail sounding iem
With very black background
Bass is there , it can not produce like dynamic driver Bass.


Shozy Alien Dap Generation 3.

Announcing Alien Wav/Flac Player Generation 3. 

Better build, better housing materials, bugs fixed, 

better parts

Saturday at my office minimalist high end portable set up.

Source :
AK 380
Amp :
AK 380 Amp
Headphone :
Oppo PM 1 with stock SE cable
Cable :
Diy Adapter 6,3 mm to 3,5 mm
Sound Quality :
Best portable set up for Oppo PM 1 in terms of  Power and Sound Quality.

Now I know why Keita Suyama San is rebranding XDuo X2 with Fit Ear .
This XDuo X2 sounds so sweet and analog
I believe the Fit Ear XDuo X2 Edition has special tuning.
This little Dap XDuo X2 sounds very good paired with my Fit Ear MH 334.


Open the Box my Package ENIGMAcoustic Dharma.

Thank you Jaben Alvon Yulius Harianto and Nico Demus Harold for bring the Package.
Source :
Ak 240 SS
Amp :
Mass Kobo 394 Desktop
Mass Kobo 404
Headphone :
ENIGMAcoustic Dharma
Cable :
Oyaide RCA to mini
Out of the Box Sound Quality :

High :
Open and detailed with excellent clarity
Mid :
Very good Pronounce and very clear mid
Bass :
Very good in detail and clarity.
Bass Quality is very fast too
Separation :
Very good separation
Soundstage :
Very wide and very good in depth
After Burn in i will update my impression.


I did not expect that this little DAP XDuo X3 had so much power .
XDuo X3 can drive Headphones like the Ultrasone Signature Pro
In excellent SQ
The Sound Quality from XDuo X3 is very good for Dap below $ 150 USD.
If you buy this XDuo X3 I wish you luck .

SQ Between one DAP to other DAP are not the same
I am very happy that i have the SQ like my preference open and detail.
2 friends have modded their XDuo X3 .Their modded units sounds more refined compared to my XDuo X3 stock.
But the Mod cost it self is about double the XDuo X3 it self .
Is it worth it to mod ?
From the Sound Quality improvement my answer is yes .
Wagnus Stacks set up

Source :
Sony ZX 2
Amp :
Wagnus Epsilon S
Pre Amp :
Wagnus Valvola tube pre amp
Headphone :
Audio Quest Night Hawk
Wagnus Ice Sword
Until now Wagnus Epsilon S still as one of my best portable Amp.
Plus Wagnus Pre Amp Valvola sound more analog and sweet.
Audio Quest Night Hawk sound very sweet and has rich detail and very clean bass reproduction.