For AK 240 or AK 240ss owners new firmware has been released.

AK240 firmware 1.33 was released last week.

I did not like the former firmware, 1.30.
That is why I stayed with the earlier firmware 1.25.

Last night I had time to upgrade to the new Firmware 1.33.

Surprisingly the sound quality is excellent and sounds better than my former firmware (1.25).

My impressions compared to my former firmware 1.25:

Has better micro detail.
Better high presentation and rendering.
It sounds clearer and cleaner too.

Is sweeter and clearer.
Has better pronounce too.

Has better detail and impact.
And can go very low and has very clean bass reproduction.

It is better now that the individual instrument placement is easier to know and hear.

It has better depth, wider and taller too.
Like as in a medium concert hall.

Has a better black background.
Thats why I can hear better micro details, also an improved soundstage and separation.

Bravo Astell and Kern, James Lee and Alex An.

Thank you for this new update: Firmware 1.33.
It is really excellent.

Paiaudio and Head Pie, a match made in audio Heaven?

A big thank you to Paiaudio for the review units of DR1, DR1 and MR3 units.

DR1 Model 

DR1 Model (Blue)

MR3 model