LEAR NS-U1 unboxing.

Thank you to LEAR for sending us the LEAR NS-U1 and also including 
the additional LEAR NSC-03 custom upgrade cable for review.
 - expatinjapan.

Thank you to LEAR for sending us the LEAR NS-U1 and also including the additional LEAR NSC-03 custom upgrade cable for review - expatinjapan.

Source: AK 380 copper
Amp: AK 380 amp copper
Gain: High
Headphone: Audeze lcd XC
Cable: AK Crystal Cable. New Variant one classs above Picolo

Sound Quality: High end Sound Quality in portable set up
I wish you all Head Pie Members Happy Easter
All the Best

Easter night time set up
Source :
AK 380 Copper
Amp :
AK 380 Amp Copper
Headphone :
PM 01
Amp setting :
High Gain
Ocharaku Kaede Zakura vs Ocharaku Kaede II

Source :
AK 100 Mezzo super Mod belong to Terry Lum
Lotoo Paw Gold
Ak 380 + Amp Copper
Iem :
Ocharaku Kaede II is mine
Ocharaku Kaede Zakura latest Batch belong to Gatot Richard Widjaja

Ocharaku Kaede II is very good for jazz instrument like Four Play
classical music like From the Blue Danube.

High :
More extended and better clarity with better micro detail
Mid :
Is clearer but less sweet compare Kaede Zakura
Bass :
Has better impact and better speed and cleaner bass

Separation :
Has better separation
Soundstage :
Wider and taller and not as deep Kaede Zakura

Kaede Zakura
Is very good for acoustic and vocal
David Toth
Allan Taylor

High :
Is less open but still very good clarity but less micro detail
Mid :
Is very sweet thick and analog compare to Kaede II
Bass :
Has bigger volume and less speed but not boomy.
Separation :
Has good separation
Sound stage :
Very good depth , bur not as wide and tall kaede II.

Both Kaede II and New Kaede Zakura are very good for their strong character.
Like you buy two different iems.

Gold set up for bed time

Source :
Lotoo Paw Gold
Iem :
DITA Brass D.BSpoke 20 units Limited Edition
Sound Quality:
One of the best Dap in the market can drive my Dita Brass D.BSpoke in excllent Sound Quality .
Beside my Ak 380 Copper ad Ak 240 ss
Note :
I would like to share my EQ setting for this set up.
I love the dynamic attack with this EQ setting.
I use User 1 and Filter 1