Hi , You good people,

MR4 IEM from Paiaudio, COMING SOON:)
Quad bA drivers IEM ( it's a single low, dual mid, single high crossover configuration).
These are the pictures of MR4's demo units.

They look kind of look like MR3, you can only see one driver through the transparent housing lid while you can see two if it's mr3.

(Headphone GranVela) AuGlamour R8 unboxing

Paiaudio PR1 earbuds unboxing.

Heavy burn in set up for Paiaudio MR 2 and MR 3.

Source :
XDuoo X3 Stock
Amp :
Mass Kobo 404
Iem :
Pai DR 1 Blue
Pai MR 2 Red
Pai MR. 3 Tan
Cable :
IC by Cypherus Herry Wijaya

Sound quality after 2 days. Burn in, now both MR 2 and MR3 shine in a better way,
Time to open the box my package and i would like to share out the Box Package from Shenzhen Paiaudio Electronics Co Ltd.

Thank you Alex Fan from Paiaudio for the review unit
MR 02 and MR 03.