Advanced AcousticWerkes W500
- review by Rudi0504.

First at all I would like to say thank you to Advanced AcousticWerkes Founder and Director Kevin Wang and Marketing Director Rudy Yee for this review unit.

AK 380 Copper.
AK 380 Copper Amp.
Advanced AcousticWerkes W500 with stock Cable.
The AAW W500 has had 300 hours of burn in time.

The first time I had AAW W500 Armorph version with adjustable Bass Knob and then last month i had AAW W500 without Bass Adjustment.
Both Sound Quality are the same , the difference on the Armorph version is the bass can be adjusted.
After I burned in the Advanced AcousticWerkes W500 for about 300 hours I begun to write the review for the AAW W500 review unit.

Configuration: W100 Reference Proprietary 9mm Dynamic Driver + 4 x Balanced Armature Drivers
TruXross 5 Way Passive Crossover - Physical Low Pass Filter on Dynamic Bass Driver + Electronic 4 Way Passive Crossover.
Frequency Range 18Hz-23000Hz
Sensitivity 103.3dB SPL @ 1 mW
Impedance: 15 ohm @ 1kHz
THD <= 0.2% @ 1kHz
Triple Sound Bore Design
26db+/- Ambient Noise Attenuation
46" Null Audio Vitesse Cable(4 Braid Detachable)
AAW Shock&Waterproof Carrying Case 
Cleaning Brush & Cloth

Are very smooth and rich in detail and has very good high presentation.
Very sweet and analog sounding mids.
Has very good pronounce.
Very good in detail and very clear sounding bass and the AWW W500
has very good Bass impact and speed
Very good separation ,that I can very easy detect the placement of individual instruments.
Very wide and has very good depth and height.
It is like small concert hall.
Very black ground.
Build quality:
It is one of the best build quality for custom IEMs.
Very good for a universal IEM.
After market cable:
Using my Wagnus Enigma cable the sound quality improves to the best possible sound quality.

What is the plus points of the AAW W500 is that it is a natural and analog sounding IEM, rich in micro details and has strong bass from its dynamic drivers.
I can use for traveling oversea for more than. 3 hours never get fatigue.
Because of Hybrid IEMs , the Bass from dynamic drivers always as strong point again BA Drivers
So far AAW W500 is one from my Favorite IEMs besides my Fit Ear MH 335 DW Studio Reference and my Fit Ear MH 334 for daily use inside the car during traffic jam in Jakarta.
AAW W500 is highly recommended as universal or custom IEMs.


Photos by Rudi0504.

*Layout and editing - expatinjapan.

Campfire Audio Jupiter

There are three models in the Campfire Audio IEM series.
The Andromeda, Jupiter, Lyra, Nova and Orion.

I have reviewed the CA Jupiter and am now in the process of reviewing the Andromeda and the Nova.
Sound aside, yes the main question will be reserved for a future article... `Which Campfire Audio IEM is right for me?` I have not completed my listening, nor reviews for the Andromeda and Nova as of now.


Build and fit.

The build of the three Campfire Audio IEMs I have is impeccable. They are solid and robust. 
Made from one block of precision machined aluminum and held together by bolts. They certainly are sturdy. They appear heavy to the eye but in fact are quite lightweight.

Whilst they may look sharp at first glance, they are well designed and fit into my ears without any uncomfortable rubbing, the cable has a memory wire which also helps to lock them in place although they seem to sit there quite well by themselves.

They have a lot of straight lines and not so many curves as most IEMs have, but rest assured it is comfortable fit.
The nozzles are angled in such a way as to enter the ear canal easily, and are long enough to get a good seal and isolation.

The cable is strong and well made. The braided cable gives a sense of strength and beauty and it is reinforced at the MMCX connector.

Campfire Audio Nova

Campfire Audio Andromeda

Nathan aka Shigzeo aka Headfonia reviewer aka photography extraordinaire etc etc has featured head Pie on his ohm image.

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The good, the bad and the ugly.

Well I did edit out a few of the really terrible ones. But rest assured I have left in some of the truly awful memes.

How did they start? I don`t really know. A bit of fun perhaps.
It also serves to break up the endless posts of audio gear, stops our eyes from getting tired and our brains jaded.

They have also served as easier way to moderate the Head Pie Facebook group. make it fun, silly and ridiculous and people can`t get too serious...hopefully. Well we are there for fun, right? It is our enjoyable hobby. Amirite?

They are largely poking fun at head pie itself, riffs on popular culture movies and TV.
The memes have a general rule of staying away from politics and religion.
Where we have created a meme from a cartoon etc found on the web, we have left the artists name If it was on the picture.

Various art movements, and some 20th Century Philosophical movements have also been an influence in their creation.

I posted these as my friend Twister6 is a social media outcast, technophobe and luddite....and a great reviewer on head-fi ;)  And for the rest of you too.

Without seeing the memes on Facebook one misses a big part of what of Head Pie and why it is so loved by so many. :)

Head Pie loves you too.