Back to stack set up in the year 2013

Source :
Iphone 5s

Dac :
Go Dap DD 9 Volt with new Op Amp Yamaha YD 2200

Amp :
Ortofon MHd - Q7

Heir Audio 8.

Cable :
IC DIY from Hong Kong
Nocturnal Audio Acrux 8 Conductor Stranded Silver

Sound Quality :
VentureCraft Go-Dap DD 9 Volt is one of the best DAC for idevices.
I bought a rare Ceramic Op Amp Yamaha YD 2200.

The sound quality is better than my Muse 01

High :
Has better clarity and detail and high can extend to the end without any distortion.
This yamaha op amp YD2200 ceramic is really excellent
Mid :
Very sweet and very good pronounce and clear
Bass :
Good bass control, bass detail and bass speed
Separation :
Soundstage :
Very wide and vety good depth

Paired with Ortofon MHd - Q7 make sound quality very analog with good clarity and sweet mids

Back to budget Fi for on the go set up

Source :
XDuoo X3 silver stock cost $100 USD

Both items must choose to find best SQ

Earbuds :
Ainol cost only 30 Cents USD
Fun sounding basic set up
Both must choose to find best SQ

My VentureCraft Go-Dap DD 9 Volt with new Op Amp sound quality is still very good compared to the latest dac

Source :
iphone 5 s
Dac :
Venturecraft Go Dap DD 9 Volt with new op amp
Amp :
Mass Kobo 395
Cable :
IC Blue DIY from Hong King friend
usb to Lightning from Japan
JH 16 Pro FP
with new Cable
Nocturnal Audio Acrux 8 Conductor Stranded Silver
from Yong Kok Kee
Sound Quality:
jh 16 Pro FP. sound quality improve in better way after i use new Cable from Nocturnal Audio Acrux 8 Conductor Stranded Silver
has better clarity and detail
mid :
clearer and has better pronounce
bass :
has bettter detail and clarity and better speed too
separation :
better compared to stock cable
soundstage :
wider and has better depth
synergy is very important in audio set ups

After work High end set up at home

Source :
iphone 5 s USA Version

Dac / amp :
VentureCraft Go-Dap DD limited Edition 12 Volt as
uSB / SPDIF only

Chord Dave :
as DAC connect to Go Dap DD LE 12 Volt
as Amp too

Headphone :
Enjgma Accoustic Dharma

Cable :
DIY. converter HD 800 male to 4 Pin Female for Stephan Audio Art Cable Endorphin

Cable :
My best Coaxial Cable from my home audio set up
Neuron 99 Digital Silencer from Nanotech Japan

Music Player :
Relisten Player
Song :
Estate ( Summer )
Susannah Mc Corkle
Album : Sabia

Sound Quality:
Awesome for headphone set up
The best sounding Set up for my Enigma Accoustic
Paired with Chord Dave
With better source it can follow the sound quality
From your source
So kind of high End sound quality in headphone set up.

I am waiting since year 2010, now my dream set up has come true.

My 2 sets Work of art from Kazuhiro Oya
Kumikate Trio Sterling Silver hybrid iem Japan
Dita Brass D.BSpoke Limited Edition 20 sets Singapore

First Cypherus Black Edition with me and i use as my On The Go Set up now

Source :
Iphone 6s USA Version

Dac/Amp :
Centrance HiFi Skyn

Music Player :
Relisten Beta 2.0 Tester as best music player for iphone and HiFi Skyn

Song :
Jazz At The Pawn Shop in WAV

Earbuds :
First Cypherus Ax Black Edition by Herry Wijaya

Sound Quality :
I can say woooww
This is really my second best Earbuds after
Cypherus Golden Reference

My short impression :
High :
Smooth clean and rich of micro detail and crystal clear
Mid :
Sweet and analog sounding mid and has a good pronounce
Bass :

Is kind of tube hybrid sounding bass, clear and good bass detail
Separation :
Good separation
Soundstage :
Second wider and taller with very good depth after My CY AX Golden Refernce
Congrats Herry your Earbuds come out getting better and better.

Thank you Pak Suhadi Santoso for your present:
Quiet Winter Night Songs.

The sound quality is really excellent
I am playing now at Midnight with my set up

source :
Lotoo Paw Gold
Earbuds :
Cypherus Campfred Golden Reference by Herry Wijaya
Sound Quality :
my best Earbuds are Cypherus Golden Reference, they pair very good with the Lotoo Paw Gold.
This the only Earbuds that can produce a sound quality like a large headphone.

Saturday night set up

Source :
VentureCraft Valog SounDroid
Amp :
Mass KoBo 404
Cable :
Balance trrs to trrs and SE to SE Telefunken 1920 rare cableby Herry Wijaya
Headphone :
Sony CD 900 St mod by Herry Wijaya
Sound quality :
Sony CD 900 St mod can make sq one level up
Its like i am using a different headphone
The sound is now fuller , better Focus , better clarity and separation and better bass speed and impact.

Mini meet with Theodorus Chandra and Danny Utoyo
and yudie Christanto and some friends
Our Gears are
Source :
IBasso HDPR 10
VentureCraft Valog SounDroid
hifiman Hm 901 s
Questyle QPt1R
XDuoo X3
Dac / Amp :
Shozy Magic
Amp :
Cx Ax Desktop Amp
iems :
1964 Iem
Empire Spartan
Fit Ear 334 To Go
Earbuds :
Campfred Golden Reference
Campfred Warrior Balance Venture Craft
Campfred Single Ended
new Earbuds MOD from Thailand
and many more

I would like to say thank you to Alex from Neoduction for their new Beta Tester Relisten Player version 2.0

It can support Hi Res File up to 192 KHZ
It has a function to pair with Cozoy Aegis and Astrapi dac Amp
Source :
iPhone 6s
Dac / Amp :
Centrance SounDroid
Earbuds :
No Name Earbuds
Sound quality :
This Relisten Player Beta Version 2.0 has sound quality improvement compare to version 1.1
High :
Has better detail and clarity
High has Better presentation
Mid :
Is clearer and has better pronounced
Bass :
Has better Bass detail, speed and clarity
Has bette music separation
Soundstage :
Is wider and better depth and taller too
Now my Centrance Hifi Skyn + IPhone 6s sound clearer and has better black background
Sofar I'm term sound quality Relisten Playet Beta Version 2.0 is my Best Music Player for IPhone 6a alone and pair with Centrance HiFi Skyn.

On the Go set up for meeting

Source :
AK 120 II Silver Japan Edition
Earbuds :
N N Earbuds
Music :
Binaural Recording
Amber Rubarth
C.C Colletti
My No Name Earbuds pair with any Daps sound so good that i can binaural recording so clear and very detail
My friend doesnt want tell me about their name
Anyway thank you No Name friend
I hope i can use them for long time

My 2 Best Music Players for Iphone 6 s Rose Gold and Centrance HiFi Skyn

1st :
Relisten Player
2nd :
Kaiser Tone
Source :
Iphone 6s Rose Gold USA Version
Dac / Amp :
Centrance HiFi Skyn
JVC FX 850 Japan Version
Sound Qulaity :
Relisten Music Player
Has better clarity and micro detail
Has better pronounce and has clearer mids too
Has better Bass detail and better Bass Speed
Has better separation , that the placenent from individual instruments is easier to hear their position
Is wider and taller too
So far Relisten is my Best Music Player for my Iphones anrd Centrance HiFi Skyn
I am waiting for the launching new Relisten Music Player 2.0 Hi Res , thta can support Hi Res file up to 196 KHz