Centrance Hifi-Skyn and Campfire Audio Nova

OHM Image Head pie podcast interview is now up.


I sound like and idiot for the first five minutes and a moron for the rest.

Meze Classic 99 and Centrance Hifi-Skyn with 128GB ipod touch 6G and Flacplayer by Dan Leehr.

I am burning in now my Meze Classic 99 - Walnut Silver with my Chord DAVE.

I want to test how good this Meze Headphone is with my Best DAC/Amp, Chord DAVE.

VentureCraft Valog SounDroid

Chord DAVE

Optical Cable Chord Hugo

Sound Quality:
Meze Headphone paired with the Chord DAVE is so far the best sounding with the Meze Classic 99 compared with my other portable amps.

The Meze headphone drivers are very good, Meze can follow the source and the amp  well.

The sound quality of the Meze Classic 99 is like my 1K  headphones.

Mini meet with Sugeng Kanzenoka

Source ;
XDuoo X3 Gold and Silver
cowon Plenue D

Amp :
Ortofon MHd Q7
Headroom Micro Amp
Shozy Amp
Wagnus Valvola tube pre amp
Wagnus Epsilon S
KaZenoka Yin Yang

Headphone :
99 Classsic Meze Walnut silver

Expatinjapan does a poor attempt at being interviewed by the sharp and quick witted Nathan.

I would like to share out of the box my Package from Romania
First at all I would like to say thank you to Antonio Meze and Lorand Czibere
 for the
Meze Classic 99 - Walnut silver finish.

Ak 380 Copper
Ak 380 amp Copper
Meze. Classic 99 in a walnut silver finish.
Build quality:
Excellent. It is  like a $1,000 USD headphone.
Sound quality:
Out of the box the sound has great detail, clarity and sweet mids , the bass is  quick and clean.

After burn in of 100 hours I will write my review for the Meze 99 headphone.

Sunday morning set up.

Source :
Ak 380 Copper
Amp :
Ak 380 Amp Copper
Iem :
Kumikate Trio sterling silver
Music :
Carla Bruni
Little French Song
These AK 380 + Amp Copper and Kumikate Trio are really As Work Of Art in Portable Audio Industry
Beaity and sound quality in one box is seldom
Many are like Beauty and The Beast , beautiful design but sound quality is not so good or the other way around very good sound quality but they look so ugly
On Sunday morning hear Carla Bruni little French Songs i feelso relax and peaceful
So kind of high end Sound Quality in portable set up
Is unbelievable before now.

Out the Box

my Package from Korea
It is a Leather Case for my AK 380 Copper + Amp Copper from Aesopica Seoul Korea

Price :
AK 380 + Amp is $ 170 USD
Shipping EMS is $. 20. USD

This Aesopica leather case build quality is very good
The precision for my AK 380 Cu + Amp Cu is very good
So far i am very satisfied with Aesopica workmanship
In this time i choose the Black Color for neutrality.