My way to find the best synergy for my Meze 99 Classsic

Set up A
Source :
Ipad Mini 2nd Gen
Dac / Amp :
Aurender Flow
Cable :
CCK + Audio Quest Jitter Bug + Blue color stick USB to USB 3.0

Set Up B :
Lotoo Paw Gold

Set Up C :
Source :
Iphone 6 Plus
Dac / Amp :
Chord Mojo
Cable :
Micro USB to Lightning from East Europe

The ranking fro this 3 set ups are like above:
Set up A
Set up B
Set up C

From all set up the synergy is very important to make my Meze 99 Classic sound very good

For upcoming set up pair with Meze 99 Classic
I will use my
AKs Daps,
Sony Daps
And others amps what i have , to find best synergy for Meze 99 Classic

Simple On the Go set up with Meze 99 Classic

Lotoo Paw Gold
Meze 99 Classic
I would like to share my EQ setting on My Lotoo Paw Gold for Meze 99 Classic.
I enjoy my holiday now with music and audio gears.

Sometime old set up not always out off date , like my Aurender Flow sound very good pair with

Meze 99 Classic
Source :
Ipad Mini Gen 2
Dac Amp :
Aurender Flow
Headphone :
Meze 99 Classic

This set up has very good synergy pair with Meze 99 Classic
High :
Crisp and very good in detail and clarity
Mid :
Very sweet and very clear mid
Bass :
With this set up the bass from Meze 99 Classic sound very good and not so boomy
Separation :
Very good music separation
Soundstage :
Wide and has very good depth

I like my Meze 99 Classic with this set up
Two high end IEMs from Japan comparison review

Source: AK 240 SS
IEM: Kumikate Trio Sterling Silver.
CIEM: Fit Ear MH 335 DW SR with Wagnus Diamond Dust Enigma TRRS Balanced.

Fit Ear MH 335. DW SR
Is good and has rich of micro details.
And has great rendering ,but not as sparkle like Kumikate Trio .
Fit Ear High has more body and natural.
Is the strong point from MH 335 DW SR.
Has very good pronounce .
I love how the Piano sounds so natural and neutral.
Has very good Bass impact and the bass can go deep without any distortion.
Very good separation that i can hear the individual instrument placement very easy where they come from.
Very wide and has very good depth.

Kumikate Trio sterling silver:
Has more sparkle than the Fit Ear Mh 335 DE SR.
Overall has the same high quality and is rich in micro details.
Is not as thick from MH 335 DW SR.
Has great pronounce too.
Very good bass detail and great bass impact too.
But the bass can go as low as MH 335 DW SR.
Bass Quality both are excellent
Is very good about on par.
Kumikate Trio has slightly wider soundstage and less depth

These two Top Tier Japanese amp sound quality are about on par.
If you like a brighter sounding IEM then the Kumikate Trio is your choice.
It you like a natural sounding IEM then the Fit Ear Mh 334 DE SR is your choice.

Note :
Kumikate Trio fit is not as easy as Mh 335 DW SR custom IEM.

Comparison review of 
Dita Gold TRRS Edition Singapore 
Dita Brass D.BSpoke (Limited Edition of 20 Units)
Kumikate Trio Silver Sterling, Japan

AK 380 Copper

AK 380 Copper Amp

Dita Good TRRS balanced edition.
Dita Brass D.BSpoke (Limited Edition of 20 units).
Kumikate Trio Sterling Silver.

Dita Gold TRRS balanced edition.
Has sparkle and excellent detail and clarity.
Clear, sounds thin and not so analog.
Very good in speed and detail but less bass body.
Great separation.
Very wide and less depth.

Dita Brass D.BSpoke (Limited Edition 20 Units).
Has better focus and rendering than the Dita Gold Balanced.
Is sweet and clear and has excellent pronounce.
Has better bass body and has greater bass impact when compared to the Dita Gold balanced.
Is better than Dita gold balanced.
I can hear the music placement better.
Is very wide and has great depth and height.
I love it.

Kumikate Trip Sterling Silver.
Is the best out of these 3 IEMs
Has sparkle , airy , good high rendering and more focus.
Cymbals - they are more natural and are rich in micro details.
Very sweet and analog .
Reminds me of my home audio set up Lile JBL Everest .
And great pronounce.
Best from these 3 IEMs
Very solid and very good bass impact and detail.
Bass sounds natural and very clean.
Very good separation.
It is on par with Dita Brass D. BSpoke
Is less slightly wide than Dita Brass D. BSpoke
But with better depth
Like medium concert hall
Dita D. bSpoke like big concert hall

Dita Gold Balanced TRRS and Dita Brass D BSpoke are excellent.
Kumikate Trio fit is not so good, but once you get the right fit and seal the sound quality is excellent.

Build quality:
Kumikate Trio and Dita Brass D Bspoke Limited Edition of 20 units are excellent.
Dita Gold TRRS Edition is very good.

In terms of sound quality:
1st place is:
Kumikate Trio silver sterling.
2nd Place:
Dita Brass D BSpoke Limited Edition of 20 units.
3rd Place:
Dita Gold TRRS edition.

I would like to share out the Box Dignis Leather Case for Chord Mojo

I like this Dignis case more than the Chord Mojo original case.