ubsound Orchestra review

What you get in the box.

Specs and information from the ubsound website:

`Premium   HD   ergonomic   in-ear   earphones   for   smartphones,   tablets,   MP3   players,   DAP,   DAC,   portable   gaming   consoles,   computers  and   any   audio   device   with   a   standard   3,5mm   jack.   
Maximum   sound   isolation   and   high   quality   performance   playback.   
Microphone   for  hands   free   calls   with   a   single   button   to   answer   and   hang   up   which   can   also   be   used   to   play   and   pause   music.  
Fully   ergonomic   design  with   “around   the   ear”   wearability.   
1.2m   tangle   free   wire.   
High   tech,   lightweight,   professional   quality   materials   for   maximum   fidelity sound  in  any  condition.  
Full  and  round  Bass.  
Rich  and  warm  Mids.  
Clear  and  melodic  Highs.  
3  pairs  of  eartips  included:  S,  M,  L size.  
Velvet pouch  included.  
User  guide  included.  
High  performance  10mm  independent  dynamic  drivers HD.   
Sensitivity:   115dB/mW.   
Frequency   response:   15-21.000Hz.   
Impedance:   16Ω.   
Maximum   distortion <0.2%.`

At $24 on Amazon USA store one can not complain.
They are low priced, budget earphones with an over the ear design.
One 10mm driver in each piece.
At this price they are affordable for most people I would imagine.
They sound quite acceptable for the price.
Of course when buying a $24 earphone do not expect $200 or more results, generally.
They are light and comfortable.
Appealing for those who like a warm, or bassy earphone (I veer towards the more neutral signature).


The ubsound Orchestra is a simple design.

As usual in all fairness to both sides of the burn in camp I got 100 hours on them before entering into my review.
I used the Shozy Alien Gold and the ipod touch 5G as testing DAPs (both have a low output impedance so I could get a true sound signature result).
App: Flacplayer app by Dan Leehr.

As I imagine these earphones would be most likely to be picked up by budget conscious smart phone users who like a bassy or warm experience.

ipod touch 5G.
It is tight and punchy in the lows, the bass can be a bit too strong for me at times.
The sound stage is on the small side.
Instrument separation appears quite adequate when listening to The Cure `Saturday night` but is average at other times.
Height and width is from small to medium.
Massive Attack seems to sound quite good (Mezzanine` album).

As usual with earphones in the lower price range distortion is lower at low volumes, but an imagined better soundstage can increase with more volume, as well as distortion or congestion.

With the Shozy Alien Gold I found it to be also darker on the lower end.
There was more clarity and the overall performance was better due to the SHOZY Alien Gold being the better player of the two.

Mazzy Star sounds good apart from a bassy bloom.
The Smiths comes across well due to the lack of strong bass, but suffers due to the narrow sound stage.
Lana Del rey also sounds ok, but a of a bass and mids smudge here and there.
Cowboy Junkies `sweet jane` sounds sweet. 


The ubsound Orchestra is a $24 earphone that performs within its price range.

It can be quite pleasant at times, on other occasions it can find its handling of the music a bit of a chore. The Orchestra prefers slower music, female vocals work well.

The step down from say my Campfire Audio-Andromeda IEMs was a bit of shock, but after a period of adjustment I got used to the Orchestra and could see the good points for someone purchasing within this price point. With that said I did start to enjoy these the more i listened to them and adjust to sound, the bass which boomed or bloomed at times was the main feature I could not get used to.

I expect these would be good for someone on a noisy daily commute as the outside noise tends to drown out the bass/lows especially.

The fit is comfortable and light.

These would great at the gym, or for running etc.

I tried swapping tips but did not notice much difference. JVC Spiral tips and Ortofon.

For the casual listener the ubsound orchestra would be well received, for spoiled audio buffs such as myself with all manner of in ears, daps and what not - these earphones are not on the performance level (or price point) I usually listen to.

I also prefer a more neutral, uncolored sound - so these earphones could well appeal to bass heads.

ubsound Orchestra - a well made, comfortable, inexpensive earphone, with an average sound quality that veers towards the warm or darker side. Good for casual users.

Thank you to ubsound for sending us the Orchestra for review

Hello guys,

As you have seen, earlier today I booked a trial with the new Sony DAP at the Sony U Space in Beijing 798.

 I listened for roughly 20 to 30mn using my music, Redbook and high-res flac, and my iems, the SE5 Ultimate with a Beat Audio Prima Donna 8-braid cable single ended. I could not use the balanced out as I did not have the adequate cable. For some reason my SanDisk 200g didn't work, maybe it has to be formatted in a certain way, so they put my tracks on the internal memory.

First of all, the player has a nice size, great screen, very cool and convenient flip case in plastic and leather. It weighs a ton, the Lotoo Paw Gold could be a feather next to it, but I  don't really mind. UI seems very good, fast, intuitive, not buggy, clear functionalities.

I post some pictures of the UI, as you can see it is confirmed that the native DSD is only for balanced out. By the way, I really like the Sony balanced out jack, I tested it when testing their new headphone, it is compact and robust.

Power wise there is all you need. I was using the headphone out and one third of the volume was plenty for my SE5 Ultimate, and two thirds for the MDR-Z1R. Imagine with balanced out and high gain. And not only in terms of volume, but we will come back to that later.

Now to the sound, as usual take this with a pinch of salt, this was a short session, and I did NOT compare to my other DAPs. Well, to cut tot the chase, I am going to buy this DAP, so you understand, that given its price, I really liked it. 

The key thing that you notice, is that is is 3D and full bodied, the power in this beast is put to good use. The music is very well fleshed out and layered. When  you listen to AK DAPs, even the top ones, it is usually very detailed but lacks power and depth, lacks body, in my opinion. Not the case here. The overall tonality was to my ears slightly warm, but this could be an effect of the fuller sound. It is all very resolving and detailed, but the details are not pushed forward slightly unnaturally like on the AK240 for instance. Bass reaches deep and rumbles very impressively, mids are full and textured. On highs,  the jury is still out for me, I need to try brighter iems as well. It sounded very good, but on the SE5 Ultimate, they were maybe a tad too smooth and not so sparkly. However take this with a pinch of salt, because it could be due to the SE5, or to the fact that I had a wedding party last night with a LOT of wine, and that I had to take a few advils this morning. 

The overall effect (of the different elements of sound, not of the advils) is very musical, very visceral, non fatiguing but with all the details and layers of the music clearly present. 

It has comparable authority to the Lotoo Paw Gold, but seems to be more on the musical side,  where the Lotoo is more reference sounding. The WM1Z is thicker and fuller sounding, with a wider stage. All this is from memory because I didn't have the two side by side.

I should be able to pre-order on the 9th in China, for an unknown delivery date. I am very curious to here my iems balanced. Also, I am quite curious to pair this with the KSE 1500, as my gut tells me it is going to be THE COMBO.

Sony Signature Series WM1Z - impressions by Mimouille